The Harvest at the End of the Age

May 5, 2014

The Harvest at the end of the Age. When Christ comes at the seventh trumpet before pouring out the bowls of God’s wrath upon the Nations.

The Harvest at the End of the Age.  A Great Multitude of believers (Wheat)  are raptured to be with Christ when he comes on the clouds at the Seventh Trumpet at the End of the Great Tribulation.  This co-incides with the First Resurrection which is when dead believers (also wheat) are raised to be with Christ.  False Christians (Weeds) are also harvested from the Earth at this time by an angle in charge of the fire and they are thrown in to Hell for eternal punishment.  The Nations are left on Earth and are divided in to the Sheep and the Goats according to how they treated God’s people.  Those that persecuted God’s people (the Goats) are thrown into the Lake of Fire.  Those that were Kind to God’s people receive a reward.  They will become the Nations on Earth during the Millennium and in Eternity if they do not rebel against God when Satan is released form his prison at the End of the Millennium.



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