The Harvest at the End of the Age

May 3, 2010

The Great Multitude are raptured when the seventh seal is opened. This happens at the last Trumpet and coincides with Christ’s coming on the clouds.

The Great Multitude are raptured when the seventh seal is opened.  This is when the seventh trumpet sounds and coincides with the second coming of Christ.

The Great Multitude are raptured when the seventh seal is opened. This is when the seventh trumpet sounds and coincides with the second coming of Christ.

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  1. Interesting that you put the seals and trumpets as one prophesy, and the bowls the culmination of 7ths of seals and trumpets. Although you are on the right track in considering an overlap, there are a few keys to rightly divide the Word of truth.

    Key one: Rev. 10, the result of this chapter brings the declares one thing, that is a scroll that is eaten. The result of this scroll is that John is told he will prophesy again. This tells us two things, one John has/is finished(ing) up a prophesy, and two he will prophesy again. You have correctly defined this second prophesy in your timeline. We know that the last trump it tell us that the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our God, thus bringing an end to the first. However, you are missing the overlap of the first. This comes with the incorrect conclusion of a line between Now, and tribulation.

    The prophesies potentially could start at any point after John’s writing. In fact the second starts out by pinpointing the “sign in the heaven” that has already occurred Rev 12:1. The one concerning the woman clothed in the sun with the moon at her feet, was the astrological sign of the Star of Bethlehem. If you are unaware of this, prepare to be amazed by the documentary of the “Star of Bethlehem”, by Frederick-Larson available on Amazon. The astrological calendar does not repeat itself in 6000 years of Earth’s life, and this event will not repeat itself again.

    The tribulation has been going on for hundreds of years. Let me prove that statement (that will come with the 4th seal). The 4 horsemen (first 4 seals) are already established. They have been 4 world conquests. they are White (Catholicism), Red (Communism), Black (Nazism), and Green(grey see Greek for actual color).

    Consider this; could a quarter of the Earths population actually be destroyed without it mentioned in prophesy?

    Yet we have seen this already. In the name of Environmentalism (green horse) the world has aborted nearly a quarter of its population. In the United States alone the numbers of KNOWN abortions near a fifth of the population. Israel is a huge offender of this travesty. Russia we are rumored a woman has and average of 5 to 9 in her lifetime (actual figures are unknown). China who has the largest population of any nation on the planet has a mandatory abortion law if you have more than one child. These countries represent this plague of death via by sword(knife), but only account for part of the 4th seal deaths. Pestilences, hunger, and the like fulfill the other portion of this quarter of the death on the Earth from this seal. I suggest that this number is already complete, or very near completion of a quarter of the Earths population. Do you real think that God would turn a blind eye to this quarter already killed without it mention in another end time prophesy? We are already seeing the fulfillment of the 5th seal now. The 5th seal parallels Rev. 13 and 14 concerning the war on the saints. The trumpets and the bowls are one. Yes one may mention an event in a bowl judgement , and the other an amount of that event in a trumpet judgement, but the trumpets and bowls correlate and are one in the same.

    Concerning the great multitude; They are the martyrs of the 5th seal. We see them defined distinctly as not yet complete in number, and again we are told in Rev. 7:14 who the “great multitude” are… Those, “which come” out of the great tribulation KJV. Important to note the verb come here in the Greek. Its tense is ‘present and imperfect’ (see strongs). This tense is unknown the the English language, it applies to the verb as present and ongoing. In other words, they are continuing to come out of the great tribulation. Also noted as not yet complete in number as those mentioned in the 5th seal. These are also in context of one another.

    Comment by boldncourageous — December 1, 2013 @ 7:38 pm | Reply

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